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Welcome to my personal journal.

I write about many things: Bleach, Bleach fandom, Bleach fandom craziness, craziness in general, Ichihime, fanfiction, Ichihime fanfiction, pet peeves in fanfiction/in fandom/in general, original stories, writing, problems with my writing, prompts to help spur writing, the ways I procrastinate to keep from writing, real life happenings, and random meltdowns.

Leave a comment and tell me about yourself. If we have common interests, feel free to friend me.

Sorry, but this is an f-locked journal. Ask, and I'll gladly let you in.

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can I?

[personal profile] ygritte 2012-01-06 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
You see, I went to visit your LJ today and saw this post saying that you were moving... I became quite sad, specially since it's a "f-locked"...
How can I survive without reading your fics, girl?!
I love IchiHime and your fics are just so amazing! So, please, can you add me as your friend? That way I can see the incredible things you write and always tell you what I think about all.
So, thank you your attention.
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Re: can I?

[personal profile] ygritte 2012-01-07 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you!
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Please? :3

[personal profile] evilofallevil 2012-01-09 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
I follow you on FF, and I found your LJ and loved it. And then today I saw that you no longer use LJ. So I found your dreamwidth (More or less clicking on the link), and since it's f-locked, will you please friend me? :3
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[personal profile] snazzy_porcupine 2012-01-09 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
rairakku-chama, you're here! i saw your lj entry and ta-daah! i'm on stalking mood (and adding spree, although you're the first person i added but maaru and CD added me so technically i already have 2 friends here and then you if you accept my request XD) so um, i'm gonna add you if it's okay? and oh, this is alice by the way! 8D
snazzy_porcupine: (pic#1702991)

[personal profile] snazzy_porcupine 2012-01-10 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
ahahaha! yup, they are! oooh Nagi and Bunny and Lizzy are here too? oooh, gotta catch them all! ahahaha! t-thank you! i love porcupines! they're so cute! 8D
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[personal profile] shorti3j3 2012-01-20 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I use to follow you on your old account because I loved your IchiHime writting ^.^ Add me again so I can read your lovly writting D:
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[personal profile] indigo_bluesky 2012-02-25 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
I came across your wonderful works on and followed you to this site. I understand that this is "friend-locked" and would humbly request that I may be able to follow you here as well. Your stories inspire and I am able to lose myself in their words. I would love to be up to date on all your writings, if you would be so kind as to add me to your friend list.


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Thank You!

[personal profile] indigo_bluesky 2012-02-26 12:25 pm (UTC)(link)
I am so looking forward to reading your new chapters of "Schemes' and "Slave". You are one of the main reasons I became a IchiHime obsessed fan nut. So, thank you for introducing me to my favorite pastime.
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[personal profile] the_armada 2012-02-29 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
hi, i am lunarstar77/la_armada on livejournal (and the_armada here.) :)

i like to write, both fanfiction and original fiction.

i like to read, and one thing i like to read is your writing! <3

i also procrastinate to avoid and~ even though i am a weirdo-creep, i am pretty funny and awesome, haha.

so may i friend you? (:
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[personal profile] indigo_bluesky 2012-06-05 11:15 am (UTC)(link)
I read some disturbing news over on today. They're gonna be pulling all stories that are a MA rating, meaning anything with detailed sexual content. I would hate to lose the privilege to read your wonderful stories and was wondering what you will do if this happens. I frankly think FF is a load of crocking-bull. There are so many awesome authors on that site and I bet that they will lose 75% of their content and reader base. Maybe this will not come to pass, but if it does. pleases let me know where I can follow you. Thanks for letting me rave.

Peace and Blessings,

P.S. Maybe you can let all of your friends know too? Thanks!
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[personal profile] shorti3j3 2012-06-28 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
H-How come it wont let me see your page? ;_;
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[personal profile] shorti3j3 2012-06-28 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh wait, I think I do. If I click on the side links that say Bleach it takes me to the Dresses part 4 fanfic. That was your last update here right? XD

Btw, I couldnt help notice while scrolling through the comments, you have a tummblr? XD Do you post your fanfics on there? I was worried too, for your fanfics because I always love your stories, so if FFnet starts taking your stuff down you MUST let us fans know where you will start posting your stories D:

Edited 2012-06-28 17:10 (UTC)
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Re: (&gt;д&lt;;)

[personal profile] shorti3j3 2012-06-29 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
You better get crackin missy, Im dying here! LoL Jk XD Take your time.

And Omg, I already follow you!8D Aww, your shy? Well, eventually you will, and when you do, Ill be the first one rebloging and gushing about how much of an amazing writter you are LoL

Oh good, do you would be posting here :3 And whats AO3? Either way, Ill still be able to read your fanfics so Im so happy ^.^
Edited 2012-06-29 01:13 (UTC)
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Re: (&amp;gt;д&amp;lt;;)

[personal profile] shorti3j3 2012-06-29 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
The wait is horrible DB LoL

Haha, Im possitive that I would not be the only one loving and stalking your stories XD

Hmmm, I might get and AO3 account then, and see if any other IchiHime writters are there :3 Thanks for the info!


[personal profile] gunnison_20 2012-11-03 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add me so I can keep enjoying your amazing fics!! :D

[personal profile] kinky_deviance 2013-02-02 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Add me plz? I ♥ your fanfics!

[personal profile] kinky_deviance 2013-02-06 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! 8D

I don't have any requests, but I would like to ask if you're planning on updating any of your fics at FFnet. I've really enjoyed reading your works there (especially This Could Be the Day & Always and Forever), so I'm wondering if they're going to be updated or just left to be unfinished.

[personal profile] renji4eva 2014-01-22 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
I read (as in multiple times) your stories on and followed you to LJ....only to find that you'd left. I need more of your awesome stories!! Can you add me please?

[personal profile] renji4eva 2014-02-01 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
You're welcome!! And no probs! :)
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[personal profile] everangel27 2014-06-05 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
So I know I'm pretty late in the game of creating this account but anyway....From the very time I started reading fanfiction on FFnet you were one of my top authors. Like I have read your stories over and over and over again and they still are amazing no matter how many times I read them. Not trying to be stalkerish but hey I found out you had a livejournal so I read all you stuff there and then I found your tumblr and read everything there too eh heh heh what can I say I'm a sucker for Ichihime goodness. So I was wondering if you would please add me so I can read more Ichihime because frankly everyone could do with some more Ichihime loving. The serious lack of good stories out there for the fandom is already small and I miss your stories T_T
Haha anyway I'd really appreciate if you'd add me I'd love it
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[personal profile] genkisam 2014-12-27 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
I miss your stories from LJ days! Could you add me so I can reread my favs and check out your newer stuff?

Glad that I find you!

[personal profile] ladyalkina 2016-12-18 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I was your follower in FF, waiting for each update, loving your Ichihime stories. Than real life came along, first my daughter, now my twin boys, and I need that escapism so badly, even so because the end of bleach manga was awful. I found you here today, I thought you abandoned your stories in 2014... pretty please, let me have a peek. Thank you over and over again!